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The Blue Falcons is an Arma 2 gaming group. We focus primarily on teamwork and cooperation from our members and are always looking for new members who wish to play Arma 2 strategically and have fun doing so. We are an open group as well, so as long as you have the mods, feel free to join us.

To have as realistic and diverse an experience as possible, The Blue Falcons utilizes such mods as; ACE, ACRE, CWR² and a full suite of other awesome mods in our mods list. With our carefully selected add-ons, we are able to simulate almost any conflict starting with World War II, to nearly any modern day conflict and pretty much anything in-between. We play both co-op and adversarial TvT gametypes on our dozens of in-house missions.

As for other games, we also enjoy playing Battlefield 2 w/ Project Reality mod, War Thunder, Wargame, SWAT4 and Squad.

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