How to Install Teamspeak Compatible with ACRE

Please go on FILEHIPPO download the compatible version of Teamspeak (3.0.12/3.0.13)

For ACRE THIS is the link you need

After the installation you go to your teamspeak client folder and then go pluggins and extract the ACRE files.

How to install the mod repo

The full mod list can be found on the PlayWithSix (PW6) website : Full Mod List (PW6), Google Docs

You have two choices when installing : you can either download all the mods seperatly from ARMAHOLIC

Or you can use PW6:
With PW6, you will firstly have to dowload the lastes version of the PW6 software HERE After you have installed PW6 you will then need to open a run promp (Windows key+R) and paste this in :